Dispenser toilet paper CENTRUM SLIM LINE with pressure regulator


CODE: SΥ80L (white transparent)
CODE: SΥ80M (black transparent)
CAPACITY: Paper roll 650 gr
DIMENSIONS: 27,5 x 13,8 x 28,0 cm

CENTRUM toilet paper is also available, white,
double-leaf, water-soluble (for SY80)



CENTER POINT SLIM LINE plastic toilet paper dispenser, with pressure regulator for all types of toilet
paper: single leaf, double leaf, thin or thicker.

  • Center Pull from front cover
  • Maximum diameter of jumbo roll 24cm, maximum width 10cm
  • The front window can be opened for easy paper feed and
  • maintenance
  • Recyclable polypropylene material
  • Eco-safety key and lock
  • Color options: White Transparent and black Transparent